Sunday, September 20, 2009

Disco Ball : Startec 8mirror ball combo package includes a table or hangable mirror ball motor, 8 inch ball and pinspot with 4 color lenses

This product arrived in a timely manner and was well packaged. The light appears to be heavy duty - made out of metal, the ball is made out of plastic, so it seems to be slightly lower in quality. However, it runs on battery so there's no wire to run. It works great. I would highly recommend this product. We had a great time using it during my daughter's 'rock star' birthday party. Great fun!

This was purchased as a gift for home use, so this review is not based on professional use of the product.

It came quickly and well packed. I had not complaints with the company.

Assembly was easy, just add batteries and attach the ball to the stand. It connects using a cotter pin that just slides on. The stand can be placed on a table or hung from the ceiling (it has a wire half-moon that would connect over a hook attached to the ceiling). The light comes with 4 color covers.

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