Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bath Pillow : Duro-Med Inflatable Bath Pillow (Colors May Vary)

I bought this for my mom for christmas. She takes baths almost everyday and wanted a pillow. I searched on ebay to find one with good reviews. The last thing I wanted was to get her a pillow that wouldn't stay inflated. This one does stay inflated and she has enjoyed using it! One problem I see is that the suction cups can come off of the pillow with minimal force. My mom doesn't care because she just leans against the pillow and doesn't use the suction cups, but just a warning. Also, the description and the item box says that it has two valves so you can fill it with water or air but the one I got does not have two valves. It only has one for air. I was disappointed but my mom had already opened it and used it. It does work as a basic pillow though, so if that is what you are looking for, get this one.

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