Monday, September 21, 2009

Fruit Baskets : 2-Tier Chrome Fruit Basket

Keep your counter top neat and tidy with this attractive two tier chrome fruit basket. This wire basket features two baskets that can hold fruits and vegetables, or even baked goods like rolls, muffins, bread or bagels. This elegant fruit bowl features steel wire construction with an eye-catching chrome finish. The basket tower features non-skid, rubber feet on its four legs to prevent scratches on your countertop or dining table. This double fruit basket also features an integrated handle, s

This unit replaced wicker baskets. The open design of the stainless units is stylish, fits most decors and lets you see what you have and if there is any rot to deal with. The 2-tier basket is pretty big, but we needed three bowls and so we ordered the also-reviewed banana basket at the same time.

Stylish, well-made and very useful. Our counter was cluttered and messy, but this, the banana basket, a stainless wrap dispenser and a stainless compost pail has made a huge difference. I am out of money, but it was all worth it. See my other reviews if interested.

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