Friday, September 18, 2009

Solar Light : SpareHand Set Of 3 Color Changing - Solar Light

Bring some jewelry to your garden. This color changing solar light comes with butterfly, dragonfly, and humming bird. During the day, they are beautiful accent for your garden. At night, they come alive with color changing light. And each will change between Red, Blue, and Gree light. Assembled hight is 32" each.

These are great and very attractive. It takes a couple of days to fully charge the dual AA batteries then WOW, they are very bright and look just like the picture. I bought a white solar morning glory at Big Lots for the Humming bird to feed on. When you look into the Dragonfly eyes they glow brightly. Definitely worth having if you are into solar lights for your yard. These lights really show up well.

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